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The Birth Of The Prophet saw.

Rasulullah saw was born in Makkah at down on Monday , 12 Rabiul-Awwal, in 571 CE, the Year of the Elephant.He was breastfed by his mother Aminah,then by Thuwaibah Al-Aslamiyyah,Khawlah bint Al-Mundhir and Ummu Aiman,but mostly by Halimah bint Abi Dhu'aib As-Sa'diyyah.Shortly after Abdullah got married,he left Makkah to go to Syria for trade.On his way back, he stopped in Yathrib (Madinah) where his maternal uncles from Bani An-Najjar lived.He stayed with them for a month as he was sick,and he died there, two months after the conception of his son Muhammad saw.In 575-576 CE, his mother took him to Madinah to visit his maternal uncles from Banu Al-Najjar,these were the maternal uncles of his grandfather' Abdul Muttalib.She fell sick on the way back to Makkah, and she died and was buried at Al-Abwa'.He was six years old at that time.Umm Aiman took him and brought him to his grandfather' Abdul Muttalib.In 582 CE,when Rasulullah saw was twelve years old,he went with his uncle Abu Talib to Syria.When he (saw) reached the age of twenty five,he set out for Syria,in 595 CE,to engage in trade on behalf of Khadijah bint Khuwailid,accompanied by her slave, Maisarah.When they returned,Maisarah told Khadijah of what he had seen of the noble character of Muhammad saw.When the heat grew intense,he saw two angels shading Muhammad saw from the sun.And he told her how they had made many more times profit in their trade than usual.Khadijah bint Khuwailid ibn Asad ibn'Abdul -Uzza ibn Qusai was an intelligent,noble woman from the best family of Quraisy.During the jahiliyyah she was known as At-Tahirah (the pure) and Sayyidat Quraisy (The lady of Quraisy).Many men had proposed to marriage to her but she did not accept.When Muhammad saw came back from his journey to Syria,and she heard what she heard from Maisarah,she sent someone to him to suggest marriage,and the Messenger of Allah swt married her when he was twenty five and Khadijah ra was forty.

Khadijah ra bore all the children of the Messenger of Allah swt apart from Ibrahim, who was born to Mariyah At-Qibtiyyah.The oldest of his children was Al-Qasim,then Al-Tayyib,then Ruqaiyyah,then Zainab,then Umm Kulthum ,then Fatimah. Rasulullah saw was given the nickname of Al-Ameen (The trustworthy) by consensus of the people of Makkah,because of his good character.They used to entrust things to him for safekeeping,until he migrated to Al-Madinah.

When the time of Wahy(Revelation) was approaching,seclusion was made dear to him,so he would go and seclude himself in the Cave of Hira', where he would worship was in accordance with the religion of Ibrahim as.When he reached the age of forty,Jibrail came to him in the Cave of Hira', on the seventeen of Ramadhan in his forty first year.At that time his age according to the lunar calendar was 40 years,6 months and 8 days.That date was equivalent to 6 August 610 CE.

The first free man to believe in him was Abu Bakr,the first boy was Ali , the first woman as Khadijah,the fisrt freed slave was Zaid ibn Harithah and the first slave was Bilal ibn Rabah Al Habashi.

Ref: Atlas on the Prophet's Biography; by Dr Shawqi Abu Khalil

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